Greek Food-An Introduction

Greek Food is famous all over the world.

Indeed we always enjoyed refined and tasty dishes in Greece since the ancient times.

The produce of each region was what determined the contents of our meals. Wild greens, fresh fish, lamb and goat. Fresh vegetables, cheese, aromatic planrs, fruit and of course olive oil all combined with insiration and imagination form the basis of the Greek cuisine full of wonderful flavours and nutricious at the same time.

Now let's start our exloration of Greek Food.

One of the very well known greek dishes is:
Moussakas layered with eggplant or zucchini and a garlic-scented meat sauce, and bearing a custard topping, is the ubiquitous casserole dish.

Rice dishes are laced with spices and nuts.

Fila pitas, composed of the wafer-thin pastry, and layered with chicken and mushrooms, spinach and feta, or lamb and leeks, are a delight.

An abundance of fresh vegetables inspires imaginative cooked and marinated vegetable dishes and salads, often strewn with mountain-grown herbs: garlic, oregano, mint, basil, and dill.
Fresh feta, Romano, and Kasseri, in particular, are used lavishly to accompany homemade whole-grain bread or salad or to grate and top vegetables or pasta.A very important element of the food in Greece.

Lamb is the principal meat served and a holiday festivity calls for ceremoniously spit-roasting a whole carcass out of doors.

For everyday meals, lamb is braised and stewed in casseroles with assorted vegetables and skewered and broiled.

Pork, beef, and game are marinated, grilled, and baked. Chicken is broiled or braised. Good meat and vegetable combinations are endless, often embellished with the golden lemon sauce, avgolemono, or a cinnamon-spiced tomato sauce.

Undoubtedly baklava is the most famous pastry, a multi-layered affair ribboned with nuts and oozing with honey syrup. A visit to a Greek pastry shop reveals the versatility of fila dough in dozens of different fila pastries.

The honeyed fila pastries and buttery nut cookies compose a separate late afternoon meal accompanied by thick Greek coffee.

Fresh fruit -- generally figs, orange, apples, and melon -- usually conclude the late evening dinner.
Feasts and festivals are integral to Hellenic life. Name days, saints' days, weddings, and holidays are the occasion for merriment, a bounteous table and folk dancing and what else but food.

Good tasty people